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Lance Alan Mc Neil

Business Psychologist & Personal Strategist

Coaching Success

Industrial Psychologist & MBA
Over 40 years business experience
Executive Board Appointment to two blue chip companies
Business owner for over 20 years

I realized my excitement towards business and money at the age of 10 working at my school tuck shop. By the age of 13 several I had worked evenings in the JHB Central Post Office sorting mail, had worked for a marketing company selling Canvas Oil Paintings and subscriptions to a new News Paper called ‘The Citizen’, going door to door in the early evenings in residential areas. I also remember going to work with my father-in-law as his bricklayer’s assistant building factory foundations North East of Jhb.

I went to boarding school for my high school career. It didn’t take me long to see an opportunity to make money. Each Sunday afternoon while everyone was in their rooms for the mandatory 3 hour ‘silent-time’, I would be making cheese jaffles in the hearth of the massive wood/coal burning hot water geysers, to sell to hungry boarders when they awoke. Every holiday I worked in a Men’s Clothing retail store in Krugersdorp and every Saturday 5am to 1pm I worked for the family Butcher in Honeydew, cutting and packing bacon and other meats.

My first very lucrative business came when I was 17, I met a Greek businessman while hiking a lift in the Westrand, we got chatting about his business and before reaching my destination I had agreed to an opportunity to sell biltong from his factory in Florida. He bought me a large suitcase, packed it with 1kg packs of Game and Beef Biltong and every morning I would catch a bus into central Jhb and ride the elevators and lifts of business offices selling my wares on each floor, returning to the factory each afternoon with an empty suitcase. I learnt quickly that to sustain business I needed a little book to take down repeat orders. Business was booming and my Greek friend enthusiastically smiled when he saw me collecting supplies each morning. I remember making R35 profit per day, that was a lot of money in 1976. Unfortunately I had to go back to school to finish Matric.

After boarding school I entered the Military for 2 years of compulsory service. Having learnt everything there is to know about crawling in the mud, I was tought Radio and Telex Communications. During this period I recall earning a substantial amount of money from my fellow servicemen by doing their guard-duties so they could go home on weekends. In my 2nd year I found myself reporting to the division’s Carpentry shop where I enjoyed learning a new set of skills that was to serve me for many years to come. In the 10 years that followed I was called up annually for either 30day or 90day periods to what was then referred to as ‘military camps’ and was deployed in peace keeping initiatives in Soweto, Alexandra, & other townships around Jhb, or sent to the Military Training School in Luhatla, south of the South West African border, to hone in my skills in military communications.

When I left the Army at the end of 1979 I joined the Gold Mining Industry in Evander and later in Randfontien. I worked underground learning all the skills of mining before becoming a officer in Ventilation (measuring and maximizing underground airflow and conditioning). I transferred to the Labour Relations division which ultimately lead me into my career & studies in Industrial Psychology and Labour Law. After graduating in 1984 I became a Registered General Practitioner with the SA Board of Personal Practitioners.

After 8 years in the mining industry I joined a Dutch owned Textile company in KZN as their Human Resource & Training Director. During the era of disinvestment the pressurized Dutch company sold out to a South African holding company. Political unrest at the time grew alarmingly and the company’s labour force became divided as the unrest spilt into the employment arena. I spent most of my time in those years seeking political solutions towards securing a stable workplace, but the external forces would eventually in time, crush the company.

After 8 years in the Textile Industry I took up the executive position of Group Manpower Director for a Flour Mill and National Bread, Bakery & Distribution concern. During this time I served 5 years as a part-time lecturer at the Natal University Business School, lecturing students in the MBA program and undergrad level.

In 1997 having spent 18 years in the corporate world I decided to pursue my own business interests when I purchased two chemical companies, which I still run successfully to this day.

I’ve built 2 houses & renovated 2 more, bought a farm & opened a private guest lodge. Built a recording studio and produced over 40 CDs and given a platform to many artists. One of my passions is flying. I am currently building a fully operational life-size Boeing 737 Flight Simulator in my spare time!

My life is great, I’m married with 4 children + 3 fostered, 9 grandchild, and last but not least 5 dogs. My businesses are successful & flourishing.

And now to a new chapter… helping YOU to master your life in business.

Why Work With Me

I can help you to…

evaluate areas in your Business Model that may be holding you and your business back and set a course for manifesting desired change and results.

optimize control, regain your enthusiasm, inspiration & creativity, sharpen your focus, get clarity, and find direction.

create systems to increase the success of your business.

maximize profitability and improve cash flow.

provide accountable business coaching, goal setting and strategic thinking.

Learn to be clear, confident and courageous. Become an inspiring leader, set and achieve challenging goals, bring out the best in yourself and others, enjoy a successful career, live on purpose, be mindful, pursue your passions, make a difference, change lives.

Going Nowhere?
Need a Plan?
Need Direction?
Need to Focus?

Geese are a sign of pride, confidence, and boldness. Symbolic of freedom, flexibility and adaptability. They are also a sign of the releasing of existing perspectives, embracing creativity, and seeking a higher knowledge. Just as geese ascend to great heights and undertake ancient migration patterns this is true for your own journey.



“I often tell people that Lance is one of the most brilliant souls I have ever met. Not only do I get to be married to this most fabulous guy but he is also my Muse and Inspiration! I love my meetings with him.

I have profound growth and insight every time we work together, I love how he helps me to think success! Lance offers business strategy + potential at its best!  He nails it when it comes to helping you understand the value of self-actualization and how to implement strategies for change! 

Sharyn Ann Mc Neil

“Lance is one of the most Incredible & Intuitive Souls I know, possessing the utmost Integrity…. he also happens to have the most uncanny ability to think out of the box & trouble shoot, problem solve, taking business to a whole “other” level!

Do yourself a favour, contact Lance & discover how he can assist you to make your business FLY!!!!!”

Petra Nicol

“Having a ‘still growing’ business and being in the esoteric industry, I really had never given much thought to having a business plan. One session with Lance changed so much for me. I am far clearer on where I truly want to be, I understand what needs to be done to get there and even more so, on a far deeper level, we have identified what has been holding me back.

A session with Lance will give you so much more than you could hope for. He has a way of directly getting to the core of issues, pointing out areas that need to be changed or disregarded and giving solid guidance on how to align with your goals and dreams.

He truly is remarkable at what he does and as an added bonus… he is such a wonderful human being. If you are serious about getting your business to where you want to be, Lance should absolutely be your first port of call!”

Mariliza Schillaci

Let’s Work Together

Business Psychologist & Personal Strategist

Helping You To Manifest Desired Change, Optimize Control, Regain Enthusiasm, Sharpen Focus, Get Clarity & Direction, Make Money, Have a Great Life!

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